2023 Annual Report

At Todd Creek Farms, our primary goals as an HOA Board have been to act as a responsible fiduciary, respect residents’ privacy, and build community. To help orient each homeowner to the purpose and activities conducted each year at our Annual Homeowner & Budget Ratification Meeting, the Board has prepared this overview. 

Fiduciary Responsibility: 

  • Operated and maintained 78 miles of private open space, 3.5 miles of private trails, every neighborhood streetlight, and other community assets.
  • Returned $400 in O&G revenues in September 2023 to each homeowner.
  • Since 2020, the Board has returned nearly $1.34 million in O&G revenues to homeowners.
  • Fully digitized more than 9,000 HOA documents for improved transparency, including 4,400 documents in the past year.
  • Alerted residents to increased costs absorbed by each homeowner due to litigation-related expenses.

Respecting Neighbors:

  • Every homeowner is interested in keeping our community beautiful and growing their property values. After all, it’s why many of us moved here!
  • Announced an official policy of proactively communicating with neighbors who have run afoul of our HOA’s antiquated covenants. 
  • Eliminated practice of punitive fines and punishments due to covenant violations. 
  • Shared timely updates on the types and prevalence of covenant violations.

Building Community:

  • Hosted the annual EcoDay recycling event in the summer for our community.
  • Re-launched the Todd Creek Farms monthly newsletter and updated our community’s website for a more user-friendly experience. 
  • Organized Halloween Bash, the community-wide event in over twenty years and the first of its kind in our private open space. 
  • Announced Todd Creek Cares, a new community initiative to help homeowners facing medical issues or physical constraints, and mobilizing volunteers who can provide a helping hand to neighbors in need.


  • Meet Ben Olguin: Ben Olguin has been appointed to the HOA’s Board. Ben has lived at Todd Creek Farms since 2002 and is the original owner of his house. He is a Colorado native and is a married father of three, with five grandchildren. Ben spent three decades in the alcohol distribution business and is now working in the commercial vehicle sector.
  • Steve Bornmann resigned from the board on August 30, 2023. 

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