How strong are our Reserves?

We’re proud to announce that our Reserve Fund is fully funded! Our reserves are an important safeguard of community assets and property values, and they are used at Todd Creek Farms to pay for long-term maintenance, repairs, and unexpected or deferred expenses on major items like our vinyl fencing and open space trails.  Every few years, the HOA … Read more

Introducing Our New YouTube Channel

Todd Creek Farms is excited to announce the launch of our new YouTube channel! This is an important step in our homeowner association’s continuing efforts to improve transparency and build connections across our community. With our YouTube channel, homeowners have a new way to engage and stay informed on the news and events impacting our … Read more

Who Determines Our Covenants?

At Todd Creek Farms, our HOA Board’s mission is straightforward: to enhance community living while upholding our fiduciary duty and to leave people alone. We’re committed to consistently exploring new policies that improve the quality of life for our community, and we’ve used online covenant forums to create balanced perspectives on homeowner views and perceptions.  … Read more

Meet the Candidates

Four candidates have applied to fill one vacant seat on the HOA board in 2024. Each candidate’s application is provided below, and submissions have been edited for grammar and length.  Victor Issa Mary Moore Naomi Thacker Terry Young

2023 Annual Report

To help orient each homeowner to the purpose and activities conducted each year at our Annual Homeowner & Budget Ratification Meeting, the Board has prepared this overview of 2023 activities

Introducing Todd Creek Cares

We’re thrilled to announce a new initiative that puts the community at its heart: Todd Creek Cares. Todd Creek Cares builds on the precedent set by the defunct Good Neighbor Committee and has two main objectives: helping homeowners meet HOA obligations if they’re facing medical issues or physical constraints, and mobilizing volunteers who can provide … Read more