Distribution of the Oil and Gas Revenues

As part of our ongoing commitment to prioritize our community’s financial well-being, we are pleased to announce that we have determined the distribution of the oil and gas revenues we receive. Starting next week, each homeowner will receive a direct payment of $400, representing your share of these revenues. 

At Todd Creek Farms, our primary goals as an HOA board have been to act as a responsible fiduciary, leave people alone, and build community. We want to share a few more details about how we’re meeting these goals. 

  • Fiduciary Responsibility: With the new property tax assessments affecting most of us – and despite the costs to homeowners as a result of litigation against the HOA – we felt that homeowners would prefer to have their share of O&G revenues now. With this payment, we are helping ensure that each homeowner can cover their next six months of HOA dues through this distribution. This is part of a larger commitment on the Board’s part to return monies to homeowners, and we’ve returned more than $1.34 million in the last three years.  
  • Respecting Neighbors: We know that homeowners here like their privacy and space – after all, it’s why we moved here. Our board takes the view that every homeowner has a shared interest in keeping our community beautiful and growing their property values. That’s why we have an official policy of proactively communicating with neighbors who have run afoul of our HOA’s antiquated covenants. We want our neighbors to feel welcome, and that begins with a simple call to see if everything is okay. 
  • Building Community: In nearly every conversation with neighbors over the past several months, we heard over and over that people love EcoDay because of the community-building aspect. But that’s only once a year, and we wanted to create another event that could help bring people together. That’s why we’re so excited to host the inaugural Halloween Bash next month. This is intended to be a community-wide event with food and drinks, games, live music, and activities for all ages. Please click here to learn more!

Our board has made a fundamental commitment to financial transparency and responsible management, and these values help ensure that Todd Creek Farms offers both financial stability and peace of mind for all homeowners. While we fully expect the litigation-related expenses to increase (which will certainly impact future disbursements), the Board is confident that we have the financial sufficiency to make this accelerated payment.

As a board, we’re constantly working to ensure that our rules and regulations align with the evolving needs of our diverse community. Your opinions matter, and we welcome your feedback on our covenants. 


Todd Creek Farms HOA Board

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