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As a board, we interact with members of the community more frequently on matters involving our HOA’s covenants than almost any other issue. Our HOA has more than 200 covenants and requirements in place, although not all covenants are relevant to the needs of our community today. To help every homeowner better understand our covenants, we’ve included a primer below. If you’d like to read all our covenants, please click here. 

HOA Covenants: The “Why” Behind the Guidelines

Covenants are meant to serve as the adhesive that holds our community together. These guidelines are meant to ensure our community remains a place of beauty and unity – not to restrict your freedoms. 

Maintaining Community Aesthetics and Standards

We understand that many residents at Todd Creek Farms value both their homes and their privacy. Covenants help us maintain this character by setting standards for architectural designs, landscaping, and property maintenance. They’re like the gentle winds that keep our ship sailing smoothly, ensuring that everyone contributes to the overall appeal of our neighborhood. But that isn’t to say that many of our covenants don’t require updating to stay relevant to the changing times. 

Upholding Property Values: A Shared Goal

Let’s talk about investments – not just in terms of finances but in the emotional connection we have with our homes. Covenants play a pivotal role in safeguarding property values. They prevent unsightly changes that could potentially decrease property values, helping everyone retain the worth of their investments. It’s a collective effort to preserve the allure of our community.

A Closer Look at Covenant Enforcement

How does the HOA Board make sure covenants are upheld? Allow us to share our approach. Our enforcement process is designed to be fair, transparent, and considerate.

  • Communication: When we notice a potential covenant violation, we initiate a friendly communication process. This might include sending a notice explaining the specific violation and giving homeowners an opportunity to address it.
  • Collaborative Resolution: We focus on finding a solution that benefits the entire community. We’re here to listen and work together to resolve any concerns homeowners might have about the violation.
  • Education: We believe in the power of awareness. Sometimes, violations occur unknowingly. We provide educational resources to help homeowners better understand the covenants and the reasons behind them.
  • Fair Enforcement: While our ultimate goal is compliance, we approach enforcement with empathy and fairness. We consider individual circumstances and aim to find a resolution that aligns with our community’s values.

Most Common Covenant Violations

Since 2016, the three most common covenant violations concern the following:

  • RVs (51%)
  • Trash bin placements (18%)
  • Weeds and lawn maintenance (17%)

What This Board Won’t Do

While the power to levy fines and violations is an inherent part of an HOA’s mandate, as a board, we will not generate revenue through punitive measures. We believe that fines should be a last resort, utilized when all other avenues have been exhausted, and with the primary intention of encouraging compliance rather than generating income. 

As a board, we’re constantly working to ensure that our rules and regulations align with the evolving needs of our diverse community. Your opinions matter, and we welcome your feedback on our covenants. 


Todd Creek Farms HOA Board

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