How strong are our Reserves?

We’re proud to announce that our Reserve Fund is fully funded! Our reserves are an important safeguard of community assets and property values, and they are used at Todd Creek Farms to pay for long-term maintenance, repairs, and unexpected or deferred expenses on major items like our vinyl fencing and open space trails. 

Every few years, the HOA board commissions an outside third party to conduct a Reserve Analysis. The latest Reserve Analysis has just been published and uploaded directly to TownSq. The analysis focuses on the remaining useful life of our community assets and helps each board identify when those assets will need to be fixed or replaced. The HOA board has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the Reserves are fully funded, and it’s important to note that our Covenants require that Reserves be paid for by assessments and never oil and gas revenues. 

Click on the YouTube link below to learn more!

Click on the link to learn more about our Reserve Fund and the 2024 Reserve Analysis.

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