Introducing Todd Creek Cares

We’re thrilled to announce a new initiative that puts the community at its heart: Todd Creek Cares. Todd Creek Cares builds on the precedent set by the defunct Good Neighbor Committee and has two main objectives: helping homeowners meet HOA obligations if they’re facing medical issues or physical constraints, and mobilizing volunteers who can provide a helping hand to neighbors in need.

The “Why” BehindTodd Creek Cares

Many of you may remember the Good Neighbor Committee, which worked tirelessly to strengthen our connective bonds. This committee was hugely successful in mobilizing community members to lend a helping hand to those who needed it most. It’s with this spirit of community that we reactivate this committee as Todd Creek Cares.

Todd Creek Cares has two primary goals:

  1. Helping Homeowners Meet HOA Obligations: We’re here to help homeowners avoid violations and fines. If you need assistance to meet HOA requirements, reach out to us, and we’ll connect you with willing volunteers.
  2. Neighborly Support: Are you passionate about giving back and being a good neighbor? We invite you to join us as a a Unity Builder! Whether fixing a fence, tending to a lawn, or helping move trash cans, your time and talents can make a profound impact.

Why Todd Creek Cares?

As a Board, we’ve taken pride in regularly asking fellow homeowners what makes Todd Creek Farms unique to them. Not surprisingly, our open spaces, generous acreage, and individual privacy have consistently topped the list.

At the bottom of those lists, however, we’ve heard numerous frustrations surrounding the historical enforcement of our covenants. Some have felt unfairly targeted or penalized, and others have been forced into significant financial hardships.

When our current HOA Board assumed leadership in December 2019, we did so with a shared belief that covenant enforcement should never be driven by profit or disproportionate to the nature of the violation. Our vision was clear: we wanted to focus our time and energy on building our community, and not penalizing homeowners.

Through conversations with homeowners, we discovered cases where those on fixed incomes were burdened with hefty fines related to property maintenance covenants. We also heard from residents who felt unfairly singled out by anonymous violation reports, leading to one homeowner facing a Sheriff’s sale. No one chooses Todd Creek Farms with the intention of violating our covenants.

As your HOA Board, we had the power to change this narrative – and we are. We understood the importance of leading by example. Starting in 2020, we embraced a community-oriented approach aimed at removing friction points within our community:

  1. Eliminating Anonymous Complaints. We ensured that transparency and open dialogue became the norm.
  2. Establishing Fair Fines. We set fines that were proportionate to the severity of the violation.
  3. Direct Engagement. Our Good Neighbor Committee engaged homeowners before issuing warnings.
  4. Ending Exorbitant Penalties. We stopped the practice of imposing exorbitant interest rates and penalties.

How Can You Get Involved?

If you’re interested in learning more, nominating a neighbor, or volunteering your skills or equipment (like snowplows, ladders, or other tools), you can sign up here.

As a board, we’re constantly working to ensure that our rules and regulations align with the evolving needs of our diverse community. Your opinions matter, and we welcome your feedback on our covenants.

Todd Creek Farms HOA Board

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